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Experienced Arborists in Boulder Colorado


Small Axe Tree Care is entirely owned and operated by Levi and Raymond Rockett, we have each been working full time in Boulder tree care since 2011.  We feel that our business model is unique to this area and we are proud of what makes us different.  


We do 100% of the work ourselves: 


We will not send any salesperson to your property.  We will listen to your needs and desires and use our experience and knowledge of trees and shrubs to create clear and simple objectives for your job.  

When you work with us we will be the only ones to work on your trees, no trainees or subcontractors will be on our jobs.  This ensures the highest quality and efficiency possible on every job. 


We do our best to minimize our impact on the environment:


We will not use a brush chipper on your property.  Chippers are very loud, dusty and create awful emissions.  Instead, we quietly stack debris in our truck and haul it to a centralized processing location outside of town.  


We will never apply toxic pesticides or fertilizers to your property.  We believe in a simple and holistic approach to tree care.  There are many harmful side effects involved in the production, transportation and application of pesticides and fertilizers.


We use battery powered equipment whenever possible.  Some tasks must still be completed using traditional gas powered equipment but we do our best to use our electric tools to keep pollution to a minimum. 


We ride our bicycles to meetings and jobs whenever possible. Riding our bikes is a great way to minimize emissions and keep us in good shape when we’re not actively working on trees. Whenever the weather allows we do what we can to keep one more vehicle off the road. 


We take a less is more approach to tree care: 


We make a point to avoid recommending unnecessary work.  Unlike other businesses, we do not have sales quotas that we are under pressure to meet and we do not have massive overhead that we need to cover.  We are careful to not over-prune trees.  We understand that it is very easy to damage trees and shrubs by pruning too much and by making poorly placed cuts, therefore we take a cautious approach based in science and experience. 

Tree Pruning

Shrub Pruning

Mulch Bed Installation

Tree and Shrub Removal

Boulder Tree Pruning
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