Experienced Arborists Serving Boulder County

When you work with Small Axe Tree Care we the owners stay directly involved in every step of the process, from the initial consultation through the performance of the work.

You will not be passed off to a salesman.

Your trees will not be passed off to laborers.

We are licensed, insured, ISA certified Aborists.


Tree Pruning

Thoughtful, precise cutting to help trees develop good structure, coexist with people, houses and cars and age with grace.


Controlled, careful dismantling of trees and shrubs in any situation with minimal impact to the surrounding area. 

Shrub Pruning

Experienced in natural form pruning, maintaining formal hedges, as well as shrub rejuvenation and restoration.

Mulch Bed Installation

Covering the root zone of your trees and shrubs with mulch instead of grass or rocks can help to maintain soil moisture and temperature, improve soil composition and improve their health.

Let's work together!

It's not always easy for us to answer the phone and take notes.  The contact form here provides an easy reference point for all of your contact information and project details.  We sure do appreciate it if you choose to fill it out.

If you prefer to call, please scan our contact form and be prepared to provide your contact info, address and important information regarding your tree care needs.  

We thank you and look forward to talking with you!


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