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       Working with Small Axe Tree Care


We are here to listen to your needs.  Let us know your what your tree care goals are and we’ll assess your trees and the work site in order to give you good recommendations for care and the best price possible.  It is not necessary that you be home when we visit your property but we would love to meet you and work out a plan that best suits your needs.


After a site visit and tree evaluation, we will provide you with a detailed quote for any recommended tree care services. Once you’ve accepted a proposal we can  work together and select a date and time that works for both parties. 

The day has arrived, what should you expect? 

  • Our two man crew of ISA Certified Arborists will arrive and briefly discuss a plan with you before beginning the work.

  • We work in an orderly and efficient manner and do our best to have a low impact on your environment.  We always work to keep noise and dust pollution to a minimum.

  • When we are finished with our work we will thoroughly clean the area and discuss the outcome of the job with you, if you are not home we will send you a follow up email with a summary of the work. 

  • Payment is due upon completion of our work.  That doesn't mean you absolutely have to be there to pay the moment we are done but we do appreciate prompt payment after you've received our invoice. We send invoices and payment receipts via email shortly after finishing our work. We accept cash, check or credit card.

Boulder Tree Care
Boulder Tree Care

Some helpful things you can do to prepare for our arrival:


  • Please clean up after your pets.  Our equipment, hands and boots will be in close contact with your yard.


  • Please move furniture, ornaments, grills, etc from the work area if possible.  If necessary we will move items to prevent them from being damaged during the course of our work but this may reduce the amount of time we are able to devote to caring for your trees.


  • For the best possible clean-up, please consider mowing your grass before we arrive. Tall grass is difficult to rake twigs out of.


  • It is helpful to us if you can notify your neighbors, tenants or anybody else who may be affected by our presence.


We look forward to having a good experience working together, to our mutual benefit.  Please communicate any issues or concerns you may have, we are happy to address them, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and healthy, happy trees! 

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